"I was FED UP with people coming to my blogs and not buying, so I spent $2,350 to solve this problem once and for all! (Read the full story below)"

"In just 1 minute, this simple WordPress plugin adds an attention-grabbing, Amazon-custom-search bar on your site, makes your visitors stay more, gets you more Google traffic and makes you more commissions on autopilot, 100% guaranteed..."

Update: Version 2.0 is now available. It cost an additional $960 and
3 weeks of development, but it was worth it :-)


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Ama Search Bar Screenshots:

Ama Search Bar screenshots

How I created Ama Search Bar out of necessity:

My name is George Katsoudas. I'm just a normal guy. There's nothing special about me (as people who know me will attest to). But I figured long time ago that I need to work SMART and not "hard." And I like setting up things once and have them work for me on autopilot ever since. I like to have the time and freedom to live my life, and I suspect you are that way too...

I live in Greece. As you may know, the economic situation here ain't that "stellar" lately. There are no jobs available (except for those that pay something like $5/hour). I know the feeling of FEAR and UNCERTAINTY all too well. It SUCKS! Since there are not that many opportunities here, I decided to make my own opportunities - that's why I focused on internet marketing...

I had the Ama Search Bar plugin developed first and foremost for MYSELF. I was getting frustrated with getting good traffic to my Amazon affiliate blogs but not making as many commissions as I knew I could be making. Online marketing is the only source of income I have. As I said, there are no jobs here in Greece - so, I had to find a way to MAKE this work.

I'm no programmer myself. In fact, I'm probably one of the most "non-techical' people you would ever meet. I can barely operate my own cell phone! BUT, I have a knack for simplifying and organizing things. So, I created a mockup of the plugin and sent it to my programmer. After discussing all the little details, my programmer told me that this plugin would cost $2,350 [GULP!]

I have to admit - at first I hesitated replying to my programmer's email. $2,350 ain't chump change. For a while, I considered whether I should go on with this project or not. But finally I decided it would be worth it to me, because I already had several blogs that were getting traffic and that I could use it on.

About a month later, the plugin was "born."

After using Ama Search Bar on my Amazon affiliate blogs, my visitors had a "behaviour change." They started staying more time on my blogs and buying more products. I know because I was tracking how long they were staying on my blogs. Plus, I had niche blogs that hadn't generated a penny before, but now I was getting sales for Amazon items in those specific niches...

One of the most powerful features of the plugin was that a 90-day cookie button appeared in its search results. This means that my blog visitors could easily add a product to their Amazon shopping cart. When that happened, my "normal" 24-hour affiliate cookie was becoming a 90-day cookie. And the customer was "tagged" as having been referred by me. Some of my blog visitors would buy OTHER products as well a few days or weeks later - and I was getting credit for THOSE sales as well!

Now that was cool :-)

I also noticed that my blogs would start getting more traffic from Google - without me doing any promotion whatsoever! I think the reason for that is my blog visitors where now spending more time on my blog "playing" with the search bar.

Google rewards sites that are "sticky" and that their visitors want to spend time on. Long "stay-time" is one of the best indications that the site is relevant to someone's interests. They are staying more, because they are probably finding some value in the site.

On the other hand, Google doesn't like sites with a high "bounce rate." If people come to your site and they leave after a couple of seconds, Google will think "this site is garbage - let's rank it a few thousand positions lower so that nobody finds it ;-)

Anyway - as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and I'm glad I came up with this plugin...

The Internet is a huge place. One person can't possibly exhaust even 00.1% of all the opportunities that exist. That's why I decided to make Ama Search Bar available to a few Amazon affiliates.

I sent the plugin to some friends of mine so they could tell me how to make it even better. They found some bugs and they also gave me more ideas. My programmer and I went to work again and "finalized" the plugin. And here you are now reading these lines and learning more about it :-)

3 great reasons to use the Ama Search Bar plugin:

1) It makes you more money on autopilot: You add the plugin to your blog ONCE and the search bar will continue working for you forever, sending Amazon commissions your way. The search results in the bar will also contain a 90-day-cookie (the default Amazon cookie only lasts 24 hours). This means that you can make money from the same visitor even if they purchase up to 3 months later!

2) It adds value to your blog: The plugin will add a really cool search bar that allows your visitors to "custom search" Amazon - without leaving your site! Your visitors can find what they want quickly, right from your site. They can search for items that are sold at a specific discount range (for example, 1-20%). Hey, we all love agreat deal! PLUS, your visitors will absolutely LOVE "playing" with this search bar - it can become pretty addictive ;-)

3) It's simple and easy to use: All the settings can be accessed from a single screen. The functions are intuitive and don't need any lengthy "user manuals" (that nobody likes to read anyway). Each function has a "help" link next to it that provides some advice for that function. But many customers tell us that they don't even need to open the help links, because it's so obvious how each function works...

This Wordpress plugin is not perfect, but...

I have to admit - this Wordpress plugin is not perfect. For example:

It doesn't support 9 Amazon countries like other plugins. It just supports five: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.deand Amazon.es. I wanted to focus on the most popular Amazon markets for now.

The search bar will not appear on Categories or Archives pages. It can only appear on posts, pages and the homepage. Again, I wanted to focus on the sections of your blog that your visitors are most likely to visit.

It doesn't have 4-5 different "setting tabs." I could include a ton more features in the plugin - but I didn't, because I wanted to keep it simple and easy to use. I like to think of my plugins as "museums" that have only the very best features - and not as "warehouses" that have a ton of stuff you will likely never need.

Anyway, I want you to know that I'm open to feedback. If customers feel that a new feature needs to be added, the plugin will be updated when the next version becomes available. All customers receive free lifetime updates! I have already listened to feedback from cusomers of version 1.0 and have invested $960 more to develop version 2.0.

What others say about Ama Search Bar:

"a great way to monetize free sites or member area pages"

This is a 'drop-dead' easy Amazon Specials plugin for any Wordpress site. It only takes seconds (maybe a minute or two) to set up and is a great way to monetize free sites or member area pages. You have nice flexibility about where the Specials Bar displays on your site by clicking a few check-boxes. You can easily choose any combination of Pages, Posts or Homepage … and you're almost done. Thanks for a great new plugin that can be used on so many kinds of sites!

Roger Nevard

"I recommend it to anyone wishing to build their Amazon revenue."

Thanks for the opportunity to test your latest Amazon Plugin. I have installed it on one of my sites and the install went seamlessly. Setup was a breeze and everything worked fine 'right out of the box'.

It is installed on: http://e-rebateclub.ca

Of course, it is too soon to tell if it will or has resulted in additional sales.

I like the feature where the plug-in steals no real estate above the fold by hiding in the dashboard and the fact that it can be hidden if desired.

In all, this is a simple, clean and effective marketing tool and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to build their Amazon revenue.

Roy Wallace

"2 thumbs up from me."

You've done it again! Great plugin, easy to use straight out of the box. Quick install and set-up, I set this up on my site & was using the plugin in less than 2 minutes. 2 thumbs up from me.


Robert Vesci

"easy to use and adds something of value to your site."

Hey George,

I really like the Ama Search Bar Plugin. It's both easy to use and adds something of value to your site. People can do any Amazon search right from your site, and find discounts on the products too. The 90 day cookie is a fantastic addition.

Debra Kail

"another winner"

As always George another winner, I was able to download the plugin, upload it to my blog and configure it within 5 minutes. The blog I loaded it to is a clickbank site http://azontgk.com/acne that now allows people to search amazon also.

Terry Van Horn

"so simple to use and install even a monkey can operate it"

The plugin is awesome, it is very eye catchy and does exactly what it says on the tin. I like the idea of choosing a category to filter down the results so the results that you get are almost exactly the ones that your looking for, and all done from the top of the site too. This plugin is so simple to use and install even a monkey can operate it. In less than 5 minutes i had it uploaded, installed and fully functional. What more could a man ask for?

Congrats yet again George for another awesome creation.



"this might be my favorite"

Disclaimer: I am an uncompensated reviewer on the Ama Search Bar plugin, although I have purchased from George before and have several of his products.

I'll admit this might be my favorite because it essentially is unobtrusive, and that the viewer can search for ANY product regardless of whether or not it's relative to the website itself.

I looked for and found 'baseball bats' while on my http://www.fishoil-benefits.info site (in case you want to look at it on a real live site). You can also limit the search to products within a confined category like "Health' or 'Electronics'

I chose the background color (because it contrasted with the rest of the page) and wrote the 'Search NOW on Amazon' text.

If you check out my site (listed above) you will also notice that you can choose a discount range that you would prefer to buy the product at.

The only caveat on this plugin is that it may not work on some themes, however, it only takes a minute or so to change a theme.

Russ Kampmann

"works like a dream"

Hi George

Just love it, took less than 10 minutes from download to live on the site http://sciatic-pain-relief.com - works like a dream. I like the layout it is noticeable but not obtrusive, after a search is performed I like the drop down menu results the way it looks is clean and neat.


"a snap to use"

You'll find this plugin a snap to use. This is a quick and easy way to add an un-intrusive Amazon search to any web page without having to worry about adding images or links. I use it just to give the reader a search opportunity without seeming pushy about selling a product. Give it a try and I'm sure you will be adding it to many pages.

Len (Warrior forum member lenj2020)

"keeps the visitor on the site and increases the chances of getting a sale."

This is a great WP-Plugin and offers the site visitor the opportunity
to search Amazon for any product. This keeps the visitor on the site
and increases the chances of getting a sale.

Thanks for a great product.

Rob van Spijk

"a product that meets my standards"

I've have bought several of George's plugins that help take control of Wordpress on delivering and building information for sites. What George Katsoudas has done is listen to his customers and provided a product that meets my standards.

Being a marketer on Amazon, I know it takes time to research products to select for product pages. This includes looking at sales trends, history, what's hot and what's not, etc.

What George's programmers have done time and again is develop a plugin that cuts down the research in finding products on Amazon. For me this is a big plus. It allows me by entering a search term, category and sub-category and discount rate, click a button and up pops up selected products from Amazon.

It shows the title, price, description, picture and review link, plus a buy now button. And this is at the top of the page as a small bar on what ever site you want! Now that is the big plus for me in doing my research.

It also offers a plus for who ever person that looks at your site to be able to see related products related to the search. So there you have a twofold tool for both me as a marketer and for the visitor. George needs to give his programmers a bonus again for their achievement!

As always I look forward to George's products and highly recommend them!

Barry Selk

"5 stars for this one"

George was kind enough to give me a chance to review his plugin and i want to tell you that it is great. If your looking to make money from being an amazon affiliate, this will increase your chances of earning more from a simple little plugin and from all of your websites. I have no doubt that this will increase our earnings. It is a very light plugin that will make you Amazon Afilliate profits very easily. You need to get this plugin and start profiting now. 5 stars for this one.

Wayne Bolster

"a great addition to any Amazon site"

Hi George,

The Ama Search bar plugin is a great addition to any Amazon site. It's easy to customize to match your site and it works fast and efficiently. The add to cart feature with the 90 day cookie makes it a must have as it will surely help you pick up sales of other items unrelated to your site."

Thanks for the opportunity,

Mark McCollum

Your testimonial will go here :-)

I DARE any competitor to match my
10-times-your-money-back guarantee:

Download Ama Search Bar. Use it on as many of your blogs as you want. If you feel you didn't make back in net profit AT LEAST 10 times the price you paid for the plugin, that you wouldn't have made otherwise, just send me a personal email within 60 days and let me know.

Either you make 10 times your money back or I'll give you every penny back and you get to KEEP Ama Search Bar as my way of saying "thanks for giving this an honest try."

Heck, If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it's not one of the best ways to make more Amazon commissions from your blogs (or it's just not right for you), let me know as well and you'll get every penny back.

I want you to be a happy customer. Besides, even if you decide that Ama Search Bar isn't for you, we can always do business together again in the future.

5 things to consider before you buy the
Ama Search Bar plugin:

1) Let's say that you have a blog that gets just 100 visitors per month and you install Ama Search Bar on it. Let's be CONSERVATIVE and say that it just generates ONE extra sale for you which gives you a commission of $10. Over a year, this would be $120 extra from this plugin, from one blog. This is money that you are leaving on the table right now. And remember: you can intsall it on ALL the blogs that you own for one low price...

2) You can test my plugin for 60 days. This comes out to less than $0.25 a day to have the Ama search bar active on your blog, working for you 24/7 and bringing you sales.

3) Don't be like those affiliate marketers who are "penny wise and pound foolish." You know who they are: They try to "save" money and they never get anywhere, while their succesful competitors INVEST an X amount of money in order to get back 10 times that. That's how money is made!

4) Development of the Ama Search Bar plugin has cost me over $2,350+$960=$3,310 to date - and God knows how much more it will cost me when I add more features that customers request. Don't try to hire a programmer to create such a plugin for you, because I have already done all the work (and paid all the money) already.

5) I know I could charge much, MUCH more for the plugin but I will not. First because we live in tough economic times and I want to make the plugin affordable to everyone. And second, I hope that, once you see how much "bang for your buck" I give you, you will want to do business with me again and again and maybe purchase other plugins of mine as well...

Start making more Amazon profits in the next 5 minutes:

Ama Search Bar ecover

To get your hands on Ama Search Bar, just click the button below.

You will be redirected to the Paypal order form where you can order with your Paypal account (or just a credit card).

After your order comes through, you will be immediately redirected to the download page that has the download link to the plugin.

If you need any help ordering, just contact me and I'll personally get back to you ASAP.

Note: Price goes up with every single sale

Developer's License:
(You can use it on client's sites, and sell sites that have the plugin
installed. You can also use it on unlimited sites you own. Lifetime updates included):
Ama Search Bar Wordpress Plugin Developer's License

Multi-Site License:
(Use on UNLIMITED domains you own. Lifetime updates included):Ama Search Bar Wordpress Plugin

Single-Site License:
(Use on ONE domain you own. Lifetime updates included):Ama Search Bar Wordpress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Amazon?

Amazon (apart from the river :-)) is the world's largest online retailer.The types of products that are sold on the site include DVDs, CDs, MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. You can join as am Amazon associate (affiliate) for free and receive commissions for every sale you refer to Amazon.

What does the Ama Search Bar look like?

Check out the Ama Search Bar demo blog (new window)

Where will the search bar appear?

It can appear on your posts, pages and homepage. Either at the top, or at the bottom. It will appear for your visitor about 3 seconds after the page loads.

Will it appear properly in all browsers, screen resolutions and mobile devices?

Absolutely. The plugin has been "coded to standards" and will appear properly on all main browsers. On mobile devices, the elements of the bar will "wrap" on more lines so it's always visible and easy to use. You can test this right now by going to the Ama Search Bar demo blog and then resizing your window to make it really narrow.

Can I use different settings on individual posts or pages?

Absolutely. Just go to edit that post or page and you will see the Ama Search Bar widget on the right. You can customize the settings for that specific post or page.

What does "90-day cookie" mean exactly?

If your visitors click the "Add to cart" button that appears inside the Ama Search Bar results, they will go to an Amazon page that has the name of the product, its price and a "Continue" button. If they click it, the product will be added to their cart.

Once this happens, the "life" of your Amazon affiliate cookie will be extended from 24 hours to 90 days. This means that if the same person visits Amazon within 90 days and buys something (even a totally different product), you will get credit for it.

What exactly does the discount feature do?

A discount drop-down menu will appear in the search bar. Your visitors can specify a discount range that they want, and the bar will only show the products that have that discount. For example, (1-20%). People love special deals!

How will the plugin increase my Google traffic?

Google rewards sites that are "sticky" and that their visitors want to spend time on. Long "stay-time" is one of the best indications that the site is relevant to someone's interests. They are staying more, because they are probably finding some value in the site.

On the other hand, Google doesn't like sites with a high "bounce rate." If people come to your site and they leave after a couple of seconds, Google will think "this site is garbage - let's rank it a few thousand positions lower so that nobody finds it ;-)

The Ama Search Bar plugin will make your visitors want to stay more time on your site and interact with the search bar.

Is Ama Search Bar compliant with Amazon's TOS?

Yes, it is. All the content comes directly from the Amazon API. Plus, the proper price disclaimers required by Amazon are also displayed at the bottom of the bar's search results.

Will Ama Search Bar work with [plugin 123, theme abc, host XYZ]?

It most likely will. If there's an incompatibility, we will either fix it, or refund your purchase. Feel free to download the free Ama Search Bar demo first and see how it works on your blog :-)

Is there a one-time offer (OTO) after I purchase?

There is, but it's different than any other one-time offer you have ever seen. Basically, you will get to CHOOSE one of my other Wordpress plugins (any one you want) for a really special price. There's an option for both a personal and a developer's license.

Will I get any updates after I purchase?

All customers receive free life-time upgrades. We continually add new features and improve our plugins. Some of these modifications are pretty costly too - however you will never pay for any upgrades. We support our plugins and we support our customers.

Who are you and why should I buy from you?

My name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 9 years. I'm obsessed with taking complex processes and simplifying them as much as possible. For the last 3 years I have been focusing on developing Wordpress plugins. At this point I feel I have the entire process down and know exactly how to develop a plugin that adds real value, is easy to use and free of bugs. I aim to create happy customers, one at a time - and hope we can have a long-term business relationship together.

I purchased but can't find my download link for Ama Search Bar

Please follow the instructions below:

1) Go to your JVZoo buying history page (login if you are not logged in already)

2) Find the "Ama Search Bar Wordpress Plugin" and click the green "View Details" button next to it.

3) Scroll down a little and click the green button that says "ACCESS YOUR PURCHASE"

If the above isn't possible, then please open a support ticket and include in it the Paypal email address you used to make your purchase with. We will send you the download details ASAP :-).

What if I purchased the personal license and now I want to have the developer's license?

You can upgrade. Just open a support ticket. Include your initial Paypal purchase receipt as well. I'll get back to you ASAP and tell you how to upgrade :-)

How can I get customer support?

Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with the plugin, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just open a support ticket and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (may be a bit more on the weekends).

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